Business and Estate Liquidation

Successful auctions with Joe Teipel.
Surfer Joe The Auctioneer

Is An Auction Right to Liquidate Your Business or Personal Property?

     Liquidating your excess inventory and equipment is no fun.  Your staff really doesn't care what you get for it and the people coming in to have a look see want bargain basement prices or worse yet, want you to pay them to take it off your hands.  If you have more stock then you need, why not let us evaluate your situation and see if having an auction is a better way to make space for the new items you have arriving soon.

     We work with both big and small companies here on Oahu as well as the entire state of Hawaii to efficiently and effectively auction your unwanted business equipment and product.  We can even works with with a local charity to help your community and make your company look great in the news.  How great would it be is we can find a buyer to purchase your entire collection of items for sale?  Lots of Honolulu companies use Joe Teipel and Auction Action to do just that.  Blue Planet Surf has an annual auction to sell excess surf and SUP boards and raise money for their favorite charity, Access Surf.  They have been holding auctions every year since the 1990s and do great things to make surfing and the water a part of life for more people.

Going Out of Business Sales
     It's sad when we hear about a business closing their doors,  but here on Oahu and elsewhere in Hawaii, it's not all too uncommon. You need to pay creators and hope to recoup some of your investment.  We can help you make the most of it and help you return some funds to your checking account.  Be sure to call us to talk about all of your options before you make another costly mistake.   Saving you the frustration of dealing with deal hunters and Craigslist vultures will be worth your time.  We can even open your auction to a national online audience if you have the right type of equipment and products.  Joe is standing by to talk to you at 808 479-0817