Raise Funds and Have Fun

Charity Auctions

We love to help charities raise money to put to good use for the community. The most experienced auctioneer in Hawaii, Surfer Joe Teipel can help your organization to achieve your fundraising goals. 

Raise More Money

Auctions are a great way to raise money for your charity.  Joe can help you add an auction to your event and make it a huge  success.

Entertain Your Supporters

Have an event to give your supporters a reason to attend and bid on your auction items.

Do Good For Your Community

People look forward to your event every year and arrive with checkbook in hand.    Auctions are a total win for your guest and community. Joe Teipel can help you make that happen.  Call Surfer Joe today at  808 479-0817
Surfer Joe The Auctioneer

Is An Auction A Good Way to Raise Money?

     In this day and age of social media, a charity auction is a great way to promote and raise money for your organization.  Every year, Joe Teipel hosts auctions for numerous local charities, bringing them public attention and raising money for a worthy cause. This can be online or during a live-hosted event.  By the time the event is over, you’ve raised money for your charity, entertained, and gained supporters.

     Have you ever been to a charity auction?  They are fun and a great social gathering.  A charity auction is any event for which the proceeds are donated to a charity organization.  They are similar to other events such as wine tastings, which benefit a select charity like Habilitat.
     A charity auction can be the perfect way to raise money for your organization while entertaining your guests at the same time.  A well-organized charity auction can also be a great way to bring your organization to a whole new level by elevating your public awareness.

     How do you get the auction started?  Where do you find an auctioneer to run the event?  What are the steps needed to run a successful auction?  learn more about how Joe Teipel can help you organize a successful charity auction!  Joe Teipel will answer all of these and other questions you may have about hosting a charity auction for your organization. Call Joe today and have your questions answered fast.
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Surfer Joe auctions painting of Patrick Mahomes

Artist Justyn Farano creates one-of-a-kind paintings of world-class athletes from around the world.  Learn more by visiting his YouTube Page.  Watch his interview with Patrick Mahomes on YouTube.