Estate Sales and Auctions

Estate Sales and Auctions
Should you auction your estate?

Sell Your Estate Or Have An Auction?

     There are times in life when you need to clear out the belongings of a family member who no longer will be using them.  This may be to move on to a new, less complicated life style, or unfortunately, after a death of a family member.  These times are emotional and difficult for most people.  Family members don't always agree on how to accomplish this task and often create more division and painful emotions for all involved.  We know it's tough, but someone has to handle the tasks.
     We can help you to make the smartest decision for your family.  An estate sale or auction might be the best solution for you.  Sometimes it's not, but either way; we can help you decide the most productive way to move along to the next chapter of your life and receive the best return on the sale of your belongings.  

     Whether we work with you to perform an estate sale or connect you with someone who is better suited to help you, you can be sure that we have your best interest in mind and will work to make this emotional task as easy as possible. Give us a call to discuss your situation, and we will evaluate your needs and help you to move on with life with a little trouble as possible.   Call Joe Teipel  at 808 479-0817