The Fastest Way To Sell Your Property! 

  Buying a property is a big decision and often a costly one. You want to be sure that you're making the right choice. However, if you're looking to sell, then there's never been a better time!  
Sell your home at auction.

  A buyer's market?  

Auctions make it a seller's market.  Sellers set the terms of sale, whether they want to offer their property for cash or on loan with collateral.  An auction may be the right solution for you to sell your home.  

  No need for repairs  

You can sell as is and not worry about making repairs.  Or you can sell move in ready.  The choice is yours.

  No commission fees  

The fee you pay your auctioneer is less and is not based on the sale price.

Live auctions sell better.
Surfer Joe The Auctioneer

Real Estate Auctions

     A real estate auction can happen due to a foreclosure or a bank selling properties it owns and needs to liquidate.  These can be a source of great deals for the buyer but can also be a headache with unseen structural and other hidden repair issues.  The other thing to consider is the market, is it a buyers or sellers market.  If it's a buyers market you may do better with an auction since you have a lot of buyers bidding the price up.  In a sellers market, an auction may not be a wise option.

     If you are looking at options for selling your property, let Joe Teipel give you some advise on the ins and outs of real estate auctions.  If you have a property that might attract a national or even an international audience,  Joe can represent you with large, world-wide, auction networks who can produce top dollar for your property.  Give Joe a call today to discuss your situation and to learn if Joe and Auction Action can help you. -
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